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DoJ to pay $138.7m settlement over FBI’s botching of Nassar assault allegations


US to pay $100 million to survivors of Nassar’s abuse. FBI waited months to investigate

Report in today’s USA Today: https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/olympics/2024/04/17/survivors-larry-nassar-sexual-abuse-100-million/73357079007

And on ESPN: https://www.espn.com/olympics/story/_/id/39963310/report-larry-nassar-victims-get-100m-justice-dept

USA Gymnastics and USOPC reach $380m settlement with Nassar abuse survivors


Launch event: Nov 8th, Ann Arbor

We are holding a launch event for this website in Ann Arbor on November 8th, 2018. At the event you will be able to meet some of the courageous victims who spoke out against predator Larry Nassar, leaders of Michigan organizations fighting sexual assault and Ann Arbor journalists covering this important story.

Read the full press release and more information about the event on the publisher’s website here.

Welcome to our website. 

We are developing a place on the internet to show the courage of the girls and women who were abused by Larry Nassar. We are giving each of their statements to the court a separate post where you can read in full what they said. It is their heart-breaking words, we have only edited for sense or flow (removing court procedural interventions). And we have left the Judge’s summary to each person.

Our aim is for this to be a resource for the victims, for the families, for researchers, for journalists, for the public and for others who unfortunately recognise these stories as similar to their own, to help them come forward in a way that these victims were initially unable to, because of the reputation and standing of their attacker.

Please feel free to search for a particular name or word, or simply browse through the 156 (at present) statements. The list on the right shows every single person who either spoke or presented a testimony (video testimonies were sealed by the court so we do not have transcripts of them), the left column is a rotating random selection of the stories.

We welcome your comments and feedback and we will continue to develop this site through the coming days and months. We are providing a secure, confidential email for anyone who has something to share regarding any similar events or circumstances.

Heartland Independent Film Forum is the creator of the site. Our media sponsor is the Michigan Daily. We thank the Michigan Daily Staff and the website designer James Sparling of Lexographic Press for their ongoing work. We are maintaining this site as a free, public resource but it does cost to keep it updated and hosted on our servers. Please consider a recommended donation of $15 (click below) or go to Heartland Independent Film Forum’s website to donate a different amount. 

Larry Nassar

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We are thankful for the courts for providing the transcripts and our media partner The Michigan Daily and for providing resources, advice and photographs as well as an invaluable timeline.

We hope you find this website a useful resource.